Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Freakin' Cold!

Yep, it's freakin' cold out, negative 13 today, but I still heart highland park. Have to admit I didn't feel much like walking the reservoir however...

Mona's law, eh? I dunno, I've got a great husband, a great job at Chatham (in the aforementioned Squirrel Hill), and a great house here in Highland Park. Now if I could just get a little more heat - maybe that's the terd ting that's missing. Well, there's always hot coffee at Tazza D'Oro, right?

And who here was wishing for snow? Please stop! Lololol! Yesterday as me and my frozen neighbor were warming up our cars (we leave for work at the same time) we looked at each other, yet again, as we have for the past three weeks scraping our cars down of the frozen white stuff, we sighed at the same time. "Not again!" we said with our eyes - we had to because our mouths were wrapped tight with scarves.

Summer and my hammock feels so far away. Stay warm neighbors........


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