Friday, November 21, 2008

Pop City loves Highland Park!

Highland Park has a great list-serv. Every day (or so) I get emails about free desks, requests for recommendations for the best local dermatologists, or BAGPIPES, this Sunday (10:50 a.m.), at St. Andrew's Episcopal (in celebration of St. Andrew's Day.) I even once scored free tickets to the Pittsburgh Symphony through the list-serv.

But one of the emails I didn't open until today was a profile of Highland Park in Pop City.

The article is a walking tour of the neighborhood, and my only complaint is that it doesn't spend enough time on the café at the Union Project. But hey, I'm biased, my church, the Open Door, meets at the Union Project, and church members used to be a main part of the café staff. The café, which was once Union Station, then Urban Fusion, and now Eat UP, have great panini sandwiches, and the prices are right. Plus, if you eat your food there, your hot drink or soup may come in handmade pottery, probably made right in the building (there's a pottery studio in the basement, where local potters, Justin Rothshank being one of the most prominent, ply their trade.) Your sandwich or wrap might be served on plates with the name of the Union Baptist Church, one of the former tenants of the church building at 801 Negley Ave.

What's your favorite Highland Park venue?

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Anonymous sophie k. said...

my new favorite:
the smiling banana leaf, on bryant street! their tofu paradise is truly paradisal.

my only complaint :
"dang! why wasn't there a fabulous thai restaurant there from 1983-2001, when I actually lived in Highland Park!" Lucky for me, my parents are still in the hood, so our occasional dinner dates are often, happily, thai.

8:12 PM  
Blogger suzi w. said...


Thanks for stopping by! I love the Smiling Banana Leaf too. I haven't tried that dish, I'll have to give it a taste.


1:05 AM  

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