Sunday, January 14, 2007

Overheard at Tazza, or more reasons to stay in Highland Park

Woman 1: Where do you live?
Woman 2: Squirrel Hill.
Woman 1: You drive all the way over to Highland Park to walk?
Woman 1: Well, I used to live here, for thirteen years. I miss it. And there aren't any coffee houses like this in Squirrel Hill.


Squirrel Hill folks think Tazza is the place to be? I mean, I adore my third floor walk up, but I could only DREAM of owning a house in Squirrel Hill. And yet, thinking back to my two years in S. Hill, the walking in Squirrel Hill is not as great as it is here in HP--I mean, who can rival the park, with the Reservoir, trails in the park, sidewalks in the Park...Frick has an open dog area, but there aren't really any paved walking areas...

And, the order dude at Tazza (I have got to learn their names if I want them to see me as a "regular"!!) got my order wrong, so I got a free Ham and Asiago croissant to go because I told him I was hungry and then I waited for the Tomato and Cheese Croissant that I had paid for. Nice. And I was worried about lunch? Some days are great like that. Now, if only some of this rain would become glittery white DRY snow...

Well, you can't have everything. What is Mona's Law? You can't have a great job, a great apartment, and a great boyfriend all at the same time. Two out of three is the limit. Shoot, I'd move to a bad apartment if it meant I could get a, I take that back. And my, I wouldn't want to change that either. So there's gotta be a loophole in Mona's rule.

See you around the 'hood!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Well, it's green green green, here in Highland park, on the tenth day of Christmas. This picture was taken on a walk last week. In the background, the Bunker Hill highrise to your left. The reservoir is on the right, out of the picture. I wonder who thought this tree should be gussied up for the season. Anyways, it's a nice touch to a Highland Park Holiday scene.