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"Marathoning is just another form of insanity."

John J. Kelly, winner of the 1957 Boston Marathon; U.S. National Marathon Champion eight straight times, 1956-1963. Two time Olympian. (1956 &1960) Five second place finishes at Boston. Pan American Games Marathon Champion in 1959.

Wet streets again, runners keeping the pace, at about hour 4, Highland at Jackson.

running backs, same location, ~same time.

The signs that confounded many who tried to get to Pitt graduations...

Water Station, Highland Ave at Hampton Ave. Posted by Picasa

I decided to walk from around
Mile 20 (Highland and Jackson) to Mile 21 (Negley and Wellesley?)Posted by Picasa

Things I remember from this Marathon:

  • Someone running seeing my shirt and saying "Pink is the new black!" (I had no idea my shirt would be so popular!!) (My shirt, pale pink, with "Pink is the new black, in black letters.) I also wore my pink beach hat, partially for the rain, but also to have fun with the pink motif.
  • Meeting folks that lived along Highland--hi to David, Mary Lee, and Peter, it was great cheering folks along with you.
  • a runner who gave us all finger touches as he ran along and we held out our arms.
  • The "Runaway Bride/Runaway Groom" couple, in gold shirts with black lettering.
  • The woman who had a shirt that said "Go Sarah Go" on the front and "Sarah's Back" on the back.
  • The women who had colorful nylon skirts and striped socks.

People were running for food, laptops, or had pictures of cancer survivors on their shirts. It was a lot of fun to cheer them on. The last runner, a guy I watched pour water over his head at the water station at the Union Project (Negley and Stanton): wearing a Steeler's jersey with a lot of ribbons. I cannot for the life of me remember the funny caption on the back of his shirt.

A tragic moment: something resembling an explosive was found around the Greyhound station. It was determined to be a microwave and the bomb squad is still trying to figure out if there was foul play. AP article.

What are your memories of this year's Marathon?


"I ran my fastest marathon in the rain:" Marathon pictures from 2009

(Bill Rodgers, four time winner of Boston, NYC marathons, member of 1976 Olympic team, winner of the 1977 Fukuoka Marathon.)

Well, we've had two rainy marathons here in Pittsburgh. I was going to post after last year's marathon here are some great pictures from last year. I think I have more, but when I changed computers, my pictures got mixed up, so if I find more, I'll post them.

The group in front of Tazza D'Oro, where Jim Ferlo hosted a breakfast. There was a great band.

The Post-Gazette on Monday.
The Tribune-Review on Monday.
The empty street. Posted by Picasa

Moments I remember from last year:

  • being there as the first runners came down Highland.
  • being there as the first woman runner came through.
  • getting to know folks that were good friends of my neighbors.
  • Jeffrey Dorsey, getting to the stage at the Tazza D'Oro area, and dancing when he got there, then going back to run.

He sent this great email to the list-serv:

Thanks for your support yesterday! I ran the marathon and it was a HUGE boost to see families & supporters on Higland Ave, pass T'azzadoro, then pass the Bryant Street Fest, and then the Union Project. Lots of people. Lots of music. (I even stopped to dance the Conga for a second. :)

Thanks to you all for your organizing efforts to support us. Lots of extra good energy, smiles, and encouragement that helped me, and I'm sure a lot of others, continue on to the finish.

Thanks Highland Park!



I contacted Jeffrey after he posted that email and told him I was thinking of posting about the, a year it is. He said it took about 5 seconds off his finish time.

You may recognize Jeffrey if you hang out at the Union Project...he's the Programming Manager and Interim Executive Director.

Next up...this year's marathon

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